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                My favorite idol英語作文

                高考英語作文 時間:2020-08-28 我要投稿

                My favorite idol英語作文

                  在日︼常學習、工作或生活中,大家都經常接觸到作文吧,作文根據體▃裁的'不同可以分為記敘文、說明文、應用文、議論文。相信很多朋友倒是两个美利坚人很是沉默都對寫作文感到非常苦惱吧,以下是』小編精心整理的My favorite idol英語作文,歡迎大家分享。

                My favorite idol英語作文

                  JianMing Wang has a round face with dark straight hair.He is the honour of Taiwan.

                  When Wang was a boy,he was very interested in baseball.So he joined the school team as a pitcher.At the beginning,his parents didn't want him to play baseball,but he liked baseball so much that he didn't want to give it up.He kept practising his pitching,and gradually got better.

                  Wang is now a starting pitcher for the U.S. Major League Baseball Team--NewYork Yankees.He shows no fear whenever he pitches.He is always calm.He has become a sports hero around the world.He is my favourite hero too.

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