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                關於作文 時間:2019-03-09 我要投稿


                  My mother英語作文

                  My name is Jessie. I am twelve. I love my mother, her name is Miss Xiao. She has black hair and two big eyes. She is a very beautiful woman. My mother works in a hotel. She is a manager. She likes fish and vegetables, but she doesn’t like meat and chicken. My mother can cook, sing and read, but she can’t fly. Her cooking and singing are both very good.


                  This is my mother!

                  My mother英№語作文二

                  We need love. We also need to love. The person I love most is my mother. The person I love most is my mother. My mother is 41 years old. She is of medium build with long black hair. Shi is quiet. She is a history teacher in a middle school. She likes dancing. She can cook delicious food.

                  She did a lot for me when I was a child. She bought whatever I needed for my study, even though she didn’t have much money. She sent me from piano lessons to dancing lessons at the weekend. She cooked delicious and healthy food for me.

                  When I grow up, I will do what I can to make my mother happy. I will find a good job after I graduate from college. I’ll save money and buy beautiful clothes that make her look still young. I’ll take her to wonderful sights around China. Most importantly, I will stay with her when I have free time. That’s what she wants most, I think.

                  My mother英語作文三

                  My mother in our eyes is a beatiful woman.she has rounds eyes,long hair,white cheeks,long eyelash,and black eyebrowns.she works in a school.after works she take us from school and we go back to home together,after this my mother will busy with cooking,cleaning the house and washing dishes and check my home work.I think every day my mother is very tired,but she never said a word.althought sometimes we do not listen,she will be carefully to teach us.

                  My mother loves us and we also love our mother.

                  My mother英語作文

                  My Mother isa kind and gentle woman. She is always very gentle. She takes good care of her children and keeps them all at school. I have one brother and two sistets. So she gets four children in all. She gives us every comfort. We all love her and she loves us also.

                  My mother has too much to do in bringing us up. As our family is too poor to keep a servant, my mother has always to do very much work. She gets up very early and sleeps very late every day. She works hard, yet without complaining.

                  She is also a thrifty, and industrious woman. She saves every cent that she can and keeps everything in order. As she has been busy eversince she was young, she looks older than she really is. Her face is wrinkled, her hair becomes silver white, but she works as hard as ever.

                  Often she says to us, work while you work, play while you play. If you do not work, you will become lazy and of no use to society. What piece of good advice this is! We must worth it well and always keep it in our mind.